Strange Dream

I had a fitful night of sleep. I kept dreaming I was late to a tennis game (I don’t play) and it was followed by a golf game that never started.

In the dream there were several light brown and blonde furred chimpanzees in new blue jeans and old high school letter jackets. They couldn’t speak but understood what I said to them. All of them were small and looked to be about size of a 5 year old human.

I just made small talk to the chimps, nothing like deep conversation.

Back to real life, Haley and I rolled out the garbage after I got the coffee started. When I got back I opened the dishwasher (oh why Lord, why?) and I heard the dreaded “click”. Now I’m stuck putting up the clean dishes.


Ali said...

That whole "click" idea is a great one, but since my husband and I work opposite of each other a lot, I'm usually at work when he opens the dishwasher. Of course then he closes it again and lets on that he "had no idea" the dishes were clean. Sigh...sure, and I had no idea that he was required to wear clothes to work either.
I'll have to come up with a more sneaky plan to find out when he's opened the dishwasher. Like maybe put every single fork in there so if I come home and there are dishes in the sink, I'll know he dug a fork out of the dishwasher to eat. Hmmmm...I just might try that.

PS I emailed you the muffin recipe, did you get it?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No I didn'y get it yet. Thanks. I will look in the spam box.